10 Strong Signals of Self-Love

Self-love is central to your ability to give an receive love to those around you.  Only when you sincerely accept and love yourself can you foster healthy relationships.

Here are ten ways you can be confident that you truly love yourself:

  1. You surround yourself with people who are positive influences. Interacting with those who are fully investing in your wellbeing and supporting you can help you remind yourself of your full excellence on your most difficult days.
  2. You practice self-care. This includes attending to your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.  You regularly bathe, eat heathy, and exercise.  You don’t hold in your feelings and meditate regularly.  Prioritizing your needs and health is a clear sign you value, respect and love yourself.
  3. You don’t compare yourself. You don’t worry about what other people are doing or saying.  You remain focused on your needs and goals.
  4. You freely express yourself. You know exactly who you are and your values.  You never try to fit into a mold of external expectations.
  5. You have converted your gremlins into cheerleaders. Those voices in your head no longer say nasty things about you or highlight your doubts.  Now they easily recite positive affirmations and remind you about your inherent worth.
  6. You go after your goals. You feel emboldened to chase your dreams since they are an essential part of you.  You have confidence and trust your ability to achieve these aims.
  7. You enjoy time alone. You find solo time helpful to process the day’s events.  You see alone time as essential to your well being and look forward this act of self-care.
  8. You’re grateful. You focus on what you already have and celebrate your blessings rather than fixating on what you don’t have.
  9. You’re sincerely happy for others successes. Sure, they might be at a different phase of life and you both value different things, but their win is your win.  You don’t feel jealousy when someone else achieve a major goal, but you are okay with you place in life.
  10. You know when you put out positive, you will receive positivity back. Putting out good vibrations have endless ripples.  Some blessings will go out into communities around you.  While some may come back and find you as well!

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