Becoming Healthy with Overall Cleansing

No matter what we are doing, our mind, body and soul are working overtime to make sure that we are healthy and strong. Our bodies will think about what is going on and our mind is always working and solving things. Once you do this on a daily basis, you will see that things just might not work as well as they were before.

Even things in your home will not work as well when they are dirty such as your plumbing or your dishwasher. As your plumbing and dishwasher work each and every day, the things that go into them will cause them to become dirty and there will be build up which makes them less effective.

Cleansing your plumbing or your kitchen can help to keep things working well and the same goes with your body. When you cleanse your body, it can allow your mind to rest and help your body to be able to work at its best. Recharging helps you to become rested and strong and can allow you to get the energy you need most.

Cleansing to Help

Here are some things that you can do in order to make sure that your mind, body, and soul are cleansed:

Diet Cleansing

One of the best cleansings is to do a diet cleanse. This means that you are eating and taking in foods that are healthy and ones that are not full of fat or toxins. This can allow your organs such as your kidney or your liver to be cleaned out and help them to work the right way. Even your skin can have built up and a dietary cleanse can help to make your skin healthier.

By doing a diet cleansing, you are detoxing your body from unhealthy things that can keep you sluggish or tired. Let your body reboot with a diet cleansing.

Electronical Cleansing

Nothing can work better in your life than giving up your phone or your technology for a while. While we are always bombarded with things that need to be done, by doing a technology cleanse, even for a short while, it can improve your mental health and overall well-being.

Your mind and your body will thank you as you take time to go and enjoy people, nature, and other things without having your nose in your phone or your computer. Learn to interact with someone outside of a text message and take a break from the mundane lifestyle.

If you don’t feel that you are strong enough to do a technology detox, try some of these activities so that they can keep your mind and your body busy during your cleanse:

  • Yoga.
  • Classes at the gym.
  • Stretching or working out at home.
  • Meditation.
  • Go outside and work in the garden or go for a walk.
  • Listen to some music, dance a little.
  • Take a nice bath.
  • Clean your home.

Cleansing of the Tongue

There is something called “Ayurveda” which means to get rid of the debris or the ama, that coats on your tongue. This is something that is often practiced with alternative medicine and is something done in cultures such as India.

By getting rid of the bacteria on your tongue, it can help you to feel better and even make you want to smile more. When this happens, you will feel your emotions getting better and you will see that your overall demeanor is stronger.

Improve your health by starting with your tongue. Remember, nothing says “hello” like having good oral hygiene and fresh breath!

Body Cleansing

Our body gets tired and just like Ayurveda helps the oral part of your body, there are also other things that this practice can do. One thing that this kind of alternative medicine works with is the lymphatic system. When you have a strong lymphatic system, you will an overall strong body with a strong immunity and your body will be able to fight infection better.

All you need to do this practice is to get a body brush. Take the body brush with you while you are dry and brush it against your skin. Do not do it too hard but just do it easy and it can help you without hurting your skin.

You can do this after you shower or after you are outside resting, just do it dry. Afterwards, try to apply some kind of oil or lotion to make your skin feel soft.

Contrast Cleansing

Another form of cleansing is called contrast therapy. This is when you can work between two opposites. One thing called a contrast shower can help you to have better energies. All you have to do is to go between cold and hot water. When you do this, your circulation will increase, and your body will feel more energized.

Do contrast showers while you are at home, and you can turn the hot water as hot as you can make it without being too uncomfortable. Once you do this, let the water run on your body for four minutes. Then, you can turn the water as cold as you can handle it. Do this for four minutes and then do the same thing two or three times.

Writing Cleanse

Writing or journaling can help to clear your mind of strong emotions. It isn’t just important to cleanse your body but also to cleanse your mind and your soul. When you have emotions that are controlling you, it can cause you to feel sad or depressed. Some people feel angry, and this can cause there to be heart and other health problems.

Start by practicing journaling each and every day. Write something in your journal that you can go back and read later. Take time to understand yourself and what you are feeling. Allow your writing to let you escape from the real world while you relax and bring peace to yourself.

You can use your journal each day or you can use it just when you feel your emotions bottling up. By doing this, you can become stronger in your emotions, and you can learn to have a good grip on life.


Try these different cleansings in order to have a strong mind, body, and soul. Make sure that you are doing whatever you can to stay healthy so that you can live your best life. These cleansing methods can help to keep you strong and to motivate you to live a happy life.

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