How to Know When You Aren’t Being Your True Self

As you get older, you learn what it means to you to live a moral life. You realize that everyone is different, and that the moral development happens for different people at different times.

You become more aware of who you are, and you learn that being true to yourself is an important thing. You realize that being true to who you are is different for everyone, but you want to reach it.

Here are some signs that you aren’t being true to yourself:

Copying Others

When you are always copying others, it shows that you want to be someone else. Maybe your friend got a great job, and you feel like you have to compete with them.

You want to do the same things that others do because you want to have social success and other life successes. Instead of following in their footsteps, take their advice but be your own person.

Learn to be an individual and learn to be unique in what you do in your life.

People Pleaser

Being a people pleaser can mean that you have a hard time telling people not. You do whatever they ask you do, and you end up taking on more than you should have to take on.

You are probably kind and gentle, but you have to be careful when people come around you and want to use you or take advantage of your kindness. If you are always worried about pleasing everyone else, you might not be true to yourself.

Others Define You

If you let others define who you are then you need to stop doing that. You are your own person, and you have to live your own life.

Do not let your friends or your family make you who you are but be who you are from the inside out.


One of the big signs is that you have drama always coming in your life. Since we are people that like to socialize, we always will want to be around others.

If you feel that you are always having drama in your life, it can mean that you need to spend more time concentrating on the good things in your life and letting the drama go.

Give Away the Power

If you are giving away your power to others and letting them always make decisions for you then you are not being your true self.

Learn to give of yourself to others but do not let other people control you or make you change.


Some people will always put off things that need to get done. If you are one of those people, you need to learn to stop worrying about failing and get things done.

Do not hesitate to accomplish the things that you set your mind to. Do what is best for you.

Justify Yourself

If you feel that you always have to justify the decisions that you make, then chances are that you are not living your own life, but you are letting others live for you.


You are going to always be the worst critic in your life, and you have to learn to be kind to yourself and let your mistakes go.

Practice caring for yourself and being the best that you can be. Be compassionate with yourself even when you make mistakes because no one is perfect.

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