Knowing When Your Friends are Fake

It is not always easy to know if someone is being a real friend or a fake friend and sometimes you end up in toxic relationships before you realize that the person in your life is a fake.

When you go through heartache, your friends should be there. They should be there even if you break up with someone and they are mutual friends. You can find that when things are hard, that fake friends will hurt you and feel like you should be blamed for it.

Sometimes you have to learn these lessons the hard way and you have to learn to really look at your friends to see if there are for you or against you. Here are some signs that your friend might not be a real friend:

You Make the Contact

Being friends with someone means that you are always working out how to spend time together. Communication should be a two-way thing and you shouldn’t always be the one asking to do things.

If you feel that you are the one that always makes plans, then they might not care about you.

Reach Out in Need

Someone fake will only come when they want you to do something for them. Maybe they need you to give them a ride somewhere or need you to pick up their kids from school.

Friendship should be both give and take and if your friend is always taking and never giving, you are wasting your time on them.

Feeling Outside

You should never feel like an outsider when you are with your friends. If you feel this way, you need to really look at your friendships.

Real friends will always make you feel welcome no matter where you are or when you show up.


A fake friend will never want you to win at anything. They will never tell you they are proud of you or be happy for what goals you reach. They will be jealous when things happen for you.

Ditching You

Fake friends will not be with you when they are wanting to be with their boyfriend or girlfriend. They will even disappear for a long time and not talk to you. Sometimes they will treat you poorly and you need to be aware of this.


Real friends will not lie to you or spread rumors about you. If they are doing this, you don’t need them in your life.

Defending You

Your real friends will be there and will have your back. They will be like family that you never had. They will be there to take your side when something is going wrong in your life.

Putting You Down

A fake friend will put you down any chance they get. They will make suggestions to make you look bad and when you don’t do what they think you should, they will talk about you and make you feel invisible.

Using You

A fake friend will use you to get what they need in their life. They will take advantage of you any time that they can.

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