Seeing Someone’s Aura in 3 Minutes

Everything has energy. Even your body emits energy and if you want to open up your level of consciousness, you can be able to see and understand the aura. This is part of energies and even though science has not yet explained the aura, they do see that everything has energies and that energy surrounds everything.

If you know anything about an aura, you know that this is an invisible thing surrounding your body. This can tell you how someone is feeling or what is going on in their emotions.

Seeing an Aura

Here are some steps to seeing the aura:

Step 1

The first step is that you need to get about 12 feet away from the person that you are seeing and have them stand in front of a black or white background. Make the light in the room so it isn’t too bright or too dark.

Step 2

Focus on the nose in front of you but keep your gaze relaxed. You can use your peripheral vision to help you to see the person’s nose.

Step 3

Once you start to see a shadow around the person, let the outline grow. Do not get excited yet though because you might start seeing a shadow and you need to keep relaxed.

Step 4

Look at the outline in front of you that is around the person. The aura will start to show.

Step 5

Look from the nose to the forehead and let your eyes go slowly. This will let you see the aura better. You might see one color at first.

What Stops You from Seeing an Aura?

You have to learn to be patient and to concentrate on what you are trying to see. You might not be able to see it at first, but you can learn to practice concentrating.

If you blink, chances are that the aura will disappear.  The more you practice, the less that will happen.

Colors of the Aura

There are different colors associated with the aura:


This is an energetic color. This can mean anger or honesty. This can mean the person has energy and is doing their best.


Yellow is a color that means smart and logical. It can also mean someone is being overly critical of who they are. It can also mean they are confident.


Blue auras are inspiring people. They have strong intuition, and they like to have balance and peace in their life.


A person with a green aura is normally real and they are determined. They are often perfectionists and want to do things such as gardening.


A person with a golden aura loves nature and they love things that are beautiful. They also might like attention.


Pink auras can mean the person is loyal and friendly. It can mean that they are great lovers and that they are good at romance and loyal.


A black aura is considered to be negative. It can mean that the person has anxiety or that they have mental disorders. It can also mean they have hate in their heart.

Other Colors

There are so many shades and colors that people can see. Orange can mean someone is generous and purple can mean they are sensitive.

Can You See Your Own Aura?

If you want to see your own aura, do the same thing. Stand in front of a mirror and a black or white background. Let your hand go in front of you and focus on your palm. You can start to see a background of color. This will be an outline and when you move your hand, you will see the colors are stronger.

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