What Happens When You Turn the Amazing Age of 30?

Some people believe that once you hit the age of 30 that your life changes completely and that you change everything in your life. This is said to be the time where you know exactly what you want, and you embrace the journey that you have already had.

The truth is, being 30 isn’t always what people say and here are some things that being 30 can mean for you:

Saying No

You do not have to be a people pleaser and you need to learn to say no. Once you turn 30, it is a time where you have to stop saying yes to everything and learn to tell people no. The more you can do this, the freer you will be.

You are Worth It

Once you hit 30, you realize that you really are worth more than you ever knew. You find that you are good at things you do such as your job, having mad skills and that you are kind and loving. You realize that you have a lot to offer people and you don’t have to have someone to tell you that you are good enough because you already know that.

Important Things

When you get this age, you realize what is important in life and what isn’t. You realize that there are things that really matter, and some things don’t.

Living Your Real Life

This is a time where you stop worrying about failing and you start living your life. You realize that there is no real time to do things and once you start seeing things this way, you start doing things instead of just talking about them. You learn to live how you want to live.

Accepting Yourself

This is an age where you start to accept the person that you are. You know your flaws and you learn to embrace them. You accept who you are and what you have accomplished, and you decide who you are and what you like.

Following the Crowd

You realize that you are too old to do what everyone else is doing and you start doing your own self. You do what you want because you want to and not because it is a trend. You stop following rules unless you make them yourself.


Once you get 30, you realize that having boundaries is to protect yourself. You do not allow toxic people to control you and you create yourself a place that is safe and peaceful in your life.


You realize that you have to care about yourself and you have to take care of you. You start eating right and exercising and you realize that your health is important. You learn to make yourself a priority.

Taking Action

Instead of sitting around and waiting for things to happen for you, you start making them happen. You learn to decide what you want in life and you go for it.

Becoming Confident

This is a year that you realize that you can have the power to get what you want. You embrace your confidence and begin to know who you are.

Age and Numbers

You know that age is just a number and you feel as young as you feel. Just because you are 30 doesn’t mean you are old and you learn to live your life to the fullest.

Being There and Now

You choose to be there and to be present in what you are doing. You realize that you have to take what is going on now and embrace it before it goes away. Put your phone down and talk to the ones that you love and be present with them.


You release all the negative things in your life, and you realize that you no longer have time for those things or people that hold you back and bring you down.

Trusting the Universe

You start to trust that the universe has your back and you know what you are meant to do and when.

Getting Life Together

You give up bad habits and you decide that you don’t want these things in your life anymore. This can be things in your finances or things in your life.

Knowledge is Power

You realize that you know more than you used to know but that you don’t know everything. You allow yourself to grow and to embrace new things.

Finding Happiness

You realize that you have happiness in yourself and that others cannot make you happy. Life is full of disappointments and pain, but you can bring your own happiness in life.

Going Places

Stop talking about traveling and just do it. Take flights and go on mini vacations.


Instead of trying to be perfect, you learn to embrace your imperfections. You realize that you are better off being real.

Change is Good

Once you get older, you realize that change isn’t so bad. You learn to accept that life is always changing, and you change your habits, beliefs and views. This helps you to grow.

Laugh and Laugh Some More

Laughter is something that can heal you and you learn that no matter what happens, laugh. Laughter is the best kind of healer and it helps you to breathe lighter.

Loving Others

You realize that you need people in your life. You spend more time with your loved ones, and you invest your time in what they need and who they are.

Just Go

You realize that life is just what it is, and you show up more. You embrace changing things, and you continue to move forward.


You get older and you realize that you have to accept people for who they are.  You cannot make people who you want them to be but allow them to be their best selves.

Risk Taking

You learn to take more risks and you see that these risks help you to grow. You are no longer afraid of failing and you do what makes you happy.

Getting Stronger

You stop being upset by every little thing and you stay grounded and you do not let others push you around.

Taking on Opportunities

You realize that life is an opportunity, and you embrace each one that comes to you. You look to create a better life and you learn from everything that comes your way.

Loving Yourself

You learn to embrace who you are and to love yourself even with your imperfections. You see that you are beautiful no matter what.

Slowing Down

Life is always moving and the older you get the more you will see that you need to slow down and enjoy the moment. Take life one step at a time and learn to let all of the moments in life create memories that really count.

Knowing Who You Are

You learn at this age to allow yourself to be who you are. You are in a season in life that can be amazing for you. You will experience new things and find out who you are. Keep pushing forward and you will see that your 30’s can be the best times of your life.

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