What Holds You Back?

Everyone we meet in your lives has a big influence on how we live. People that go into other countries sometimes have culture shock because there are different rules and customs that they have to follow, and it can cause them to be stressed and to be confused.

Culture shock is just something that happens, but it can show you that you are used to how certain customs are and how things are. Consider how everyone that you meet affects your life. How can you break free from the way that the people in your life condition you? There are some ways that you can stop letting life condition you and here are some ways to do that:


Being kind and humble are good things for you to be but sometimes if you are too humble, you might have a hard time reaching the goals that you set in your life.

If you work at a place where you are a team member, you might see that you work hard but that no one really sees what you do and you might not get the credit that you feel like you should get.

Sometimes your efforts will not be recognized and that is okay. If you learn to have a different attitude, you will see that the effort that you put into things will help to improve you and help you to reach your goals, even if no one else notices.


Most people believe that they are not good enough or smart enough to do things. They feel that they are not good enough to accomplish what other people do. You have to learn to let go of your limitations and one way to do this is to be positive when you talk to yourself. This is a powerful way for you to change your thoughts and feelings.

Take time to tell yourself that you are good enough and change your mindset. Stop saying that you are not good enough and stop being negative. Positive thoughts can change your life and allow you to see that you are capable of reaching your goals. This can boost your confidence and help you get rid of limitations.


One thing about change is that many people are afraid that if they change then they will fail. You have to learn to live life beyond your own set boundaries. Being afraid of change is normal but when you feel this way then you will miss the chances of doing things that you love.

The fear of change can make you refuse to do things that can be good for you. Change can be scary, but it is not always bad. It is important that you change your attitude and your perspective, and you can be excited about the new things in your life.

Changing your mindset can help you get rid of your fears and to welcome change.

Picture It

Most people have pictures in our minds but sometimes the pictures are negative. Think of memories that you have such as your graduation or wedding day. What kind of words do you think when you think of these things? These memories are like pictures and they can be positive or negative.

Once you understand that your mind saves these pictures, you can realize that you need to change the negative pictures to positive things. Doing this can help you to have a better future. If you are always seeing yourself stuck or sad, you will end up that way. Put an effort int to think of happiness and to think about being successful.

Start building an idea of what you want in a month or even a year. Put this in your mind and let it happen.


Take a moment to think of the last few days in your life. There might have been times where you have had obstacles that have set you back. This can be small things or even large things such as being stuck in traffic or losing your home to foreclosure.

Everyone goes through things and this happens all the time. The difference between being a loser or a winner is that a winner never gives up.

Learn to get what you want and if you do not, that is okay. Work towards something else. You have to choose how you are going to react to things and this is where you can be creative and do what you want to without the negative feelings or thoughts.

Figure out what purpose you have in your life and rely on this purpose. If you have a job interview, go early, be friendly, if you go on a date, have fun, laugh and be positive.

All of the things that you do can help you to boost your life and your happiness. Allow yourself to break free from your limitations and be confident in your life. Allow there to be change but keep your eyes on your success. Doing these things can help you to live your best life ever.

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