Tell Your Brain to Stop Being in Love

Love often will make you want to hold on when really you probably need to let go. If you are in a passionate relationship, chances are there will be a lot of desire in your life. This can be distracting to you and even destructive, depending on the type of relationship.

When you wake up and all you can think about is that person, chances are there are things that you could have done differently. Maybe you needed to talk to someone about your feelings or maybe you need to learn to get rid of your memories of your relationships that are hard to understand.

Being aware is important and you have to learn to understand your memories and to understand your emotions. It is interesting to understand memory and the information that our brains hold. Our brains store data which helps you to remember things, even things you have forgotten.

The information in your brain cannot be erased and the memories can come from the past because events will leave an impact on your mind. Your mind is constantly working and will often change your memories to go with your current state of thought.

Memories can be formable, and you can change your past thoughts by changing your present state of mind. Memories are part of your brain and can help you connect an event to your life. You will later recall this event and it is part of your memory.

You can also have memories form when you imagine things. Close your eyes and imagine anything that you want, and your brain will take a picture of this thought. This can override your negative thoughts and feelings.

Close your eyes and think about something you have had a bad experience with. Remember a negative memory that you have and make it feel real to you. Imagine what you thought and heard and what you were feeling.

Do not stay here long but just long enough to let your negative feelings come to mind. When you do this, close your eyes again and bring back the same memory but this time play it in reverse. Shrink the picture and let it disappear.

Start a new chapter in your life and imagine the situation having a positive outcome. Let the person say something differently and see them as a friend instead of an enemy. See them smiling and loving you. You can create an effective movie that will take out your negativity towards this person. You will feel fewer negative feelings and can even feel positive.

The different emotions that you choose can help you to recreate your memories. Doing this can help you get rid of tormenting thoughts and allow you to help yourself to feel happy and to feel great.

You can do these mindful things so that you can learn to be in good relationships. Get rid of your negative relationships out of your mind and program your mind to think positively.

Let your mind change so that you are not deprived of good relationships. Make connections with positive things that have to do with others and let this connect to your brain.

Love does not come from your brain but your heart and nothing can change this but what you can change is how you respond to your past thoughts and memories.

Learn to be happy in your life and learn to reprogram your mind to bring about positivity in your life and to have a healthy state of mind.

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