When Nothing Makes You Happy

If you feel that no matter what happens that you will not be happy, you need to ask what you want to do to end your life?  What kind of legacy do you want to leave?  What memories do you want to have?  Are you tired and stressed?

Make sure that you don’t put happiness out just for vacations or retiring, you need to get through each day and make sure that you are not rushing your life or trying to get to the future without having good moments.  You have waited for money and time to come and worked jobs that you didn’t want to do.  You would think happiness would come at the right time and you waited for it.

If life was too busy to make new memories because you forgot to enjoy the moment, then you weren’t caring for yourself.  In each of these moments, you let happiness wait for the future and the future is here and you feel unhappy and unfulfilled.

Or, on the other hand, you can be feeling satisfied and excited and your life is full of happiness and good things.  If you learned happiness is what you think then you have decided to enjoy the moments.  You have decided to base your energy on having good emotions and wealth and happiness followed you everywhere you went.

You got real with what you were doing, and you lived a life that was satisfying and built good relationships.  This gave you positive energy.


Each day, we are faced with different decisions and we need to decide how we want them to end.

We sometimes forget how each moment is so fast passed and we can’t get the time back.  Each moment is unique and will never be there again.

You can always get money and friends, but you can never get back time or a moment.  Each one comes with a choice and you need to find happiness o that you aren’t upset with yourself and irritated.

When we let negativity come, we will be tired and overcome.  When we choose positive reactions, we will have strength and energy.

How it Ends

How do you want your life to end?  Do you want to feel excited and full of happiness?  Most people have asked this question, but many people will not figure out the mindset of happiness.  Using the word “but” is why people don’t end up choosing happiness because they feel that they have to make too many choices to get happiness.

Their excuse is that bad things have happened to them and now they don’t want to deal with them.  We all have a past but we also all have a story to tell.

Most people go through life with a good story and most of the stories have conflict.  The people that are the happiest are the ones that have the worse stories, but they decided to be excited instead of giving up.

Their goal was to be happy and to take each moment no matter what happens.  Decide what your outcome will be in your life.  What do you want for tomorrow?

We all have greatness inside, and we all want to be happy and not negative.

Unhappy Signs

WOEFUL is an acronym for what unhappiness can look like.  These are signs that you might not be happy:

  • W-Whining-This means that you complain and grumble. Complaints are great sometimes but we need to know that sometimes we are on the wrong path and take control of our reactions.  Whining is not making a change but just voicing your opinion.
  • O-Out of Control-Do you feel that you are angry, stressed or unclear about what is going on in your life? These are signs that you need to regain your focus and align your life.  We all have moments that make us out of control such as taking on too many obligations.  We will feel that our emotions are out of control and we need to change this and focus on what we want.  If you are close to your goal, you might feel good, but if you aren’t then you are feeling negative emotions that can bring you unhappiness.
  • E-Expecting-This is when you let what you expect control how happy you are. You let how other people think about you control your happiness.  Evaluate what you are expecting and make sure it reaches your goals.  Live up to what you believe in and get closer to finding what makes you happy.
  • F-Fearful-Do you refuse to do things because you are afraid of what will happen? Have you let failing hold you back?  Do you want to only be comfortable with what you are doing?  Fear is part of life and you need to make sure that your mind and body are safe but that you figure out how to work through situations that make you afraid.  When fear is there, talk to yourself and figure out how you can be comfortable.
  • U-Unfulfilling-Do you feel that your life is unfulfilling? Do you feel empty inside?  When you experience these emotions, you need to figure out which areas are keeping you down.  If it is work, find a new job, if it is your relationship, find a new friend.  Pay attention to what gives you good energy and brings you joy.  When you find the joy, find the motivation.  These are things that give you energy.
  • L-Limits-Do you have limits or restrictions? These are usually based on your past failures.  Do you let these things hold you back?  Know where your boundaries are and figure out why you have built up these walls.  Get rid of the mindset and lower your guard.

Get Happy

The key to happiness is finding these emotions and changing them to reach your goals.  You can change your attitudeos that you can take charge of your life.  Life can be what you want it to be if you can take the right steps to be happy.

HAPPY is an acronym for leading a better path.

  • H-Hungry-this is when you are excited and motivated.
  • A-Aspiring-This is when you set goals and you go for your dreams.
  • P-Perspective-When you believe in certain things, your perspective can change and cause you not to reach your goal. Sometimes the outcomes can change and we can prepare what is going on and figure out how to have better results.
  • P-Power-If you have control over what you think, you can have success and figure out how to be happy. This gives you power in your life.
  • Y-Yourself-This is your own life and not someone else’s. Make sure that you choose the path that makes you happy and that you make decisions that give you a good future.  How do you want to end your life?  Decide each moment and figure out what makes you happy.


Figure out what makes you happy and what it will take to get you there.  Know your reactions and your feelings and make choices that will bring you excitement and joy.  This needs to be your end goal.

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