Trusting Yourself

What do you see when you look at yourself?  Do you admire yourself and believe in yourself?  Or, do you see someone that is worthless and always making mistakes?

The truth is that what you are really doesn’t have to do with what you see when you look at yourself.  It has to do with what you hear inside of you and the voice that is always judging you.  This is your self-worth.  This can be your best friend or your enemy and if it doesn’t allow you time to be worthy then you need to learn to trust yourself more.

Give Time

You need to give yourself time to build your self-confidence.  You can have low self esteem when you are in a large group of people, but you need to learn to comfort yourself and to be able to be in activities without feeling weird.  You won’t be comfortable in all situations.  There are going to be times that your trust is built up.

If you aren’t confident in your abilities when you first started your job, then you took time and realized you were good at it and you realized you could take charge and have confidence.

What You Can’t Control

The opinion that you have of yourself needs to increase your self-worth and not be dependent on what others think.

One way that you can look at it is that you can only control certain things.  If you can’t control it, then don’t worry about it.  You can’t control other people.

It is hard to believe that the reactions that you have and things you face in life don’t have anything to do with who you are.  You need to understand how things impact you and figure out if they cause you to have a bad day or not.

There will be times when you go for a new job and have to interview and if you debate changing your resume a hundred times then you need to calm down and look at yourself naturally.

We all fear being rejected, and we blame ourselves when this happens.  Sometimes, companies will post positions online for people that are already selected.  The post them because they are required to by law.

Even though they had a bunch of people apply, they would choose the position for an internal candidate and that has nothing that you could do to change that, even if you changed your resume over and over again.  The position was not yours or would never be yours.

You can’t allow events to change your self-worth.  When you blame yourself, you cause yourself pain.

Take Action

There is a time when you need to take action.  Don’t go places unprepared or procrastinate on things by over analyzing them.

The more time you go without action, the more you will find reasons not to do things.  If you want to trust yourself, you need to figure out what you want.  You have to know that you will face setbacks and that you will overcome them.

Take time to prepare for things and this can increase your self trust.  Your goal needs to create a map for your success.  You need to encounter things in the mindset that you will be successful.

If you use the words “if” and wonder “if” things are possible, then you are not going to get the results that you want.  Once you have the idea that you need to take actions, you need to make sure that you set a time for this to happen.

If you want to overcome fear, you need to take action.


When you want to trust yourself, you need to encourage yourself and speak positively to yourself.  Tell yourself not to give up and work on things you need to change.

You need to talk to yourself and give yourself pep talks.  This is in third person and allows you to talk to your thoughts like another person.  This gives you the option to distance yourself and to deal with stress.

If you don’t like what you are telling yourself, change your thoughts as another person all together.  Be positive.


You can improve your worth by getting rid of anxiety.  Instead of calming down though, you need to take the anxiety as excitement.  This gives you a way to react that is neither good nor bad.  This is all about how you react.  If you feel nervous or anxious, then you need to use this to tell yourself how excited that you are.  Do this like you are ready for a victory.


Know that you are going to fail and always trust that your actions will be rewarded with later success.  Everyone has failed and we need to live through this and share our heartaches and think about the trials that have come about us.  If you are afraid, know that failure is something that will always come no matter how hard we try to avoid them.

Don’t feel defeated and don’t feel like you need to live lesser.  Pull yourself up and face this on your journey.  Your self-worth is important.  If you believe that failure is in you then you will have no reason to continue on the same path.

But, if you feel that you are able to pull through and that life is just teaching you a lesson, then move on and do better.


When you are failing or have failed, you might need to get help like a tutor or someone to help you.  If you lose, improve your strategy instead of giving up.  Exercise to increase your thought process and to be more positive.

Trust yourself and the choices that you make, and you can succeed.


Recognize that everyone needs to have confidence in the right time and that self-doubt can sneak up when there is a hard situation.  Build your confidence and take the steps that are necessary to increase your self trust and improve in areas that are causing you to fail.

Building trust takes time and effort, do it for you!

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