How to remove negative energy from your aura

Aura is not visible to the naked eye but some individuals who have a heightened awareness can see it. You can try exercise to see your aura or that of another individual.

Below are ways you can remove negative energy from your aura:


Emotional baggage or blocked energy is likely to clatter your energy field. Below are a few ways you can cleanse your aura:

  • Swimming in saltwater: a quick dip can help if you have access to the oceans or a saltwater pool. The salt removes minor psychic debris by cleansing the physical and emotional parts of the body.
  • Sunlight: let the sun energy revitalize your energy. All you need to do is just go outside.

Bath with Epsom salts: this will stimulate the flow of your energy.

  • Meditation: you can easily release negative energy and emotions when you just sit quietly and at peace.

The vital energy of your aura can be damaged because of traumas experienced in life just like your mental being. You may need the help of a specialist to work through your negative feelings, release them so you can find peace. That’s the only way you can heal your aura.

A professional or a licensed counselor can help locate a blockage to the energy of your aura.

You can try the following techniques to clear out the psychic damage and release negative energy:

  • Forgiveness: you can clear your aura when you forgive the person who caused you pain.

You need to protect your aura from future damage once you have cleaned and healed it. You have to protect yourself from being hurt by other individuals’ emotional energy because we are talking about psychological pain.

When you are empathetic to others, it means you comprehend well how they are feeling. At times we feel their pain too. Although being empathetic is a kind gesture, you shouldn’t do that at the expense of your mental health.

Your aura can easily be affected by the negative energy of others if you are sensitive to the aura energy of others. You can try the following techniques to protect yourself:

  • Awareness: Know when the emotions you are feeling are for somebody else. If your partner is angry, locate that emotion and embrace it, however, remind yourself that it is their anger and not yours.
  • Self-love: love yourself more that’s the only way you’ll protect yourself from psychological attacks.

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