How to stop being his mistress and get your life back

You can do the following things to stop being his mistress:

  1. Begin locating other handsome and at the same time unmarried men.

This is the only way you can feel how good it is to be with a man who has real potentials of accomplishing your relationship goals. Although you might feel hurt leaving the married man.

  1. Do not sleep with he married man

The more you frequent sleeping with him, the more you bond and the harder it becomes for you to leave.

  1. Let the break-up be clean

You should have already planned what you are going to say, locate a place and tell him. Let this be fast, you shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes, don’t give him room to plead or whine. You are doing this for YOU.

  1. Let your support system be there for you

You need your family and friends more than ever. They are the people who will give you a shoulder to lean on. Let them support you for the next few months.

  1. Start the disengaging process

This depends on how long you’ve been together.

  • Get your own place
  • Block him
  • Do away with things you own together or decide who will take the items
  • Cut communication with his relatives and friends
  • Locate new hangout points and joints.
  • Stop cooking for him or contacting or checking in with him

You can’t do away with the relationship if you keep supporting him or giving him room to.

  1. Take care of yourself

Start doing things that make you happy. Make yourself look beautiful and stay healthy.

When you decided to be a man’s mistress, you stepped backward, it’s now time for you to move forward. Good future is waiting for you ahead.

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