Stop feeling insecure in your relationships with the following ways

We have at least felt insecure one time or another. This is an inner feeling of feeling adequate in some way. Too much insecurity can greatly damage your intimate relationships and sabotage your success although it’s normal to have feelings of self-doubt once in a while.  It makes you feel uncomfortable and disturbed making it hard for you to engage with your partner in a relaxed manner. The actions that result from insecurity are not usually attractive and are likely to push your soul mate away.

Several insecurities are inwardly generated although most individuals think they originate from something their companion said or did. This feeling might start early in life or can be developed once you’ve been hurt by someone you value. When you negatively compare yourself to people, your insecurities are maintained and built. Irrational thoughts and fears that you are not good enough are the ones that contribute to the majority of relationship insecurity.

There are things you can do once you have noticed that you are insecure:

Build your self-esteem

According to research findings, individuals with more relationship insecurity are likely to have low self-esteem. You always look outside for validation when you are not feeling good about yourself on the inside. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t try looking good by getting approval from your partner lest you lose the situation for that relationship. You give away all your power if someone is in charge of your well-being. This kind of burden will push a healthy partner away. When you feel good about who you are, you both win in the relationship.

Building self-esteem is easy.  Although it comes with experience, there are things you can do to greatly improve how you feel about yourself. Be compassionate to yourself and learn how to silence your inner critic.

Take charge of your value

You always pay too much attention to something you feel is lacking about you when you are insecure. In relationships, partners bring with them different qualities and compliments that are aligned with each other. There is a possibility of being equals in distinct ways. Feeling more secure in a relationship helps you understand what you have to offer to the other individual. You don’t necessarily need to have wealth for you to offer anything. Characters are far much important when it comes to relationships. Have a look at the character traits you have, those are the ones that people look for in a relationship. Also, think about what you are doing to make the other individual’s life better. People want to feel happy and loved in a relationship. Pay attention to what you offer rather than what you lack; this will change your thinking.

Be independent

A healthy relationship is made by two healthy people. Being deeply engrossed in a relationship is likely to lead to poor boundaries and diffuse sense of your needs. What you need to do to keep a healthy balance in a relationship is to maintain a sense of identity and take care of your needs. You shouldn’t depend on your relationship to fulfill all your needs, that’s the only way you’ll feel more secure about your life. You will become more attractive if you are an independent individual who has things going out of the relationship. You can do the following to maintain your independence; making time to be with friends, hobbies, and interests. Just don’t forget to do you.

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