Ways to Calm Your Distressed Mind

Do you ever experiences stress and anxiety?  One thing about our society today is that most of us will experience some type of overload because we are constantly having to answer to friends, work, family, social media, checking our emails and texts and we come to a point where it is a lot that is going in.  If you want to learn to reduce feelings of tiredness and mental distress, there are some techniques that you can do.

Remember to pay attention and notice when you are about to experience these things and learn that self-care is important and imperative to your everyday health.  Trying these different techniques can help you to stay calm and healthy.  You need to practice having good mental health.

Deep Breathing

One great piece of advice that you have most likely heard is “just breathe” this is a great piece of advice because there are times that we can get overwhelmed by this world and if you will understand that and realize that you are in panic mode, breathing can help.

Being in panic mode can cause you to make poor decisions and if you will just take a few minutes to pay attention to how you are breathing then you will be able to fight off some of this stress.  Make sure that you breath slow and from your diaphragm.  Visualize yourself breathing deeply and do it.


When you meditate, it can guide you to a different place of peace and relaxation.  One of the most powerful things that meditation can do is to reduce stress.  You don’t have to meditate for hours at a time, just a few minutes a day can help.

Perfect Meditation

Meditation is not about perfection it’s about meeting yourself and being in a place of peace and calmness.  There is no perfect meditation.

Be Gentle

Make sure that you are kind to yourself and that you think about people that you care about when you are in this state.


There is no perfect place or time for meditation, just figure out a place where you can take a few minutes for yourself and go there.  Find a time to do something where you are happy and carefree.  Make time for you.

Happy Place

Sometimes, people get so caught up in what they are hearing on the news and from others that they lose touch to how a simple act can make such a difference in our feelings and emotions.  When you have a good day, meditate, when you have a bad day, meditate.

Hug Someone

Hugging people can boost your immune system and help you to be relaxed.


Listen to your favorite song because studies have shown that music can have many therapeutic benefits.


Get physical.  Moving can give you less stress and help you to be happier in your body and in your emotions.  Even if you can’t go to the gym, simply moving or walking around the home or office can make a huge difference.

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