Ending Love Triangle Relationships

Being in love isn’t always lucky, like when the person that you love is also in love with somebody else. This is a love triangle. You know you are in a love triangle when you have two suitors or when your beloved is in love with someone else.

Love triangles are complicated. You don’t know if you should wait things out, or if you should simply move on. And it’s difficult to leave a love triangle.

Are you in love with somebody, but you’re also in a relationship with somebody else? The obvious consequences are adultery, unhappy relationships, and three broken hearts. You may be in someone’s life and you may have deep admiration and fondness for them. But things can’t go on like this indefinitely.

It’s not easy to end romantic entanglements that involve three people. But nobody wants to live in such turmoil. You will never find true happiness because the happy moments can only be fleeting and short-lived in a love triangle.

Do you know how to get out of a love triangle? Maybe you don’t. Love changes your brain chemistry, so things may seem more confusing and complicated than they really are. But it’s okay if you honestly don’t know what to do.

Here are the best-case solutions from the perspective of each party in a love triangle:

When You’re the “Other Person”

It’s not easy to be the side gig in your beloved’s life. You’ll never get to fully enjoy being their partner. Your love will get no public acknowledgment. You’ll always have to keep everything secret, and even then, you’ll always share your beloved with somebody else with a rightful claim to your lover’s heart. So, you need to get yourself out of that triangle.

Ending a love triangle relationship is difficult. But you need to tell your beloved that they can only have you or the other person, not both. They need to choose you or to go back and be faithful to their partner. It’s time for you to stake a claim to what’s yours and to receive the love that you deserve.

Once the decision is made, stay determined. There will be grief over the separation, but you deserve a lover who unconditionally loves and respects only you. Believe in yourself, and don’t let your insecurities keep you from experiencing the happiness you deserve.

When You’re in Love with Two People

Being in love with two people is like keeping your heart in limbo. You will never be able to move on and enjoy the relationship, to be with someone, and to be sure of it. You’re preventing all three of you from moving forward.

The attention of two lovers is exciting. But nothing good will come if you can’t fully commit to one or the other. Plus, the guilt of the situation will prevent you from building a healthy relationship with either of your lovers. You need to choose one or the other, and commit to being with that one only. You can and will get over the other person.

When You’re in Love Outside of Your Committed Relationship

If you’re the person who’s in love with two people, you must make a decision, and soon. You’re essentially being unfaithful to each of your partners and, in the process, you’re hurting all three of you.

People aware of your situation may think that you’re lucky and that you deserve the love of both people. But deep in your heart, you realize that the complications of your actions have the potential to rock your entire life, like a sudden explosion.

Are you weary of hiding your affair? The tensions that result from the threat of being caught may give you temporary thrills. But you have to stop acting so selfishly, regarding the people who you love most. You have to let one lover go, and you must do so without delay. No matter what you will end up hurting them both. But at least you will all be free to find the devoted love of just one other person.

Make your choices based on your circumstances in life. You may love both of them now, but you have the opportunity to give all of your love to just one person the same way they give theirs to you. Make your decision, stick to it, and vow that you’ll never repeat this mistake again.

When Your Partner is In a Love Triangle

Nothing hurts more than finding out that the one you love is being unfaithful to you. You probably feel foolish and betrayed. But you need to figure out what you’re going to do about the situation?

The best thing to do in this situation is to accept the truth and communicate honestly about it with your partner. Ignoring the situation will make you fall further into a pit of despair, and will also unintentionally communicate to your partner that you’re comfortable with them continuing with the affair.

If you want to stay in the relationship and make things work, you need to ask your partner what they want. Set an ultimatum that you expect an answer by a specific deadline. If you want to work things out, be sure your partner does, too, and makes it clear that they’re willing to mend their ways so you can start afresh.

If this is not the option for you, you need to vent your anger, and express your disappointment, and try to get over the breakup.

The best thing to do in any triangle situation is to get yourself out of it as soon as you can, and vow to never get entangled in one again.

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