Falling in Love with Your Ex

When you have to end a relationship, it is not easy.  You have doubts and don’t always know if you are doing the right things.  If you are the one that they broke up with, you might not understand what happened when you give your all to your ex.   


Handling the Emotions


You might feel that you are unable to handle all of the emotions but once your partner becomes your ex, do your feelings disappear?  The answer is no, even after a breakup, it takes a long time for these feelings to lessen.  Can you fall back in love with your ex after a breakup? 


Falling Back in Love


Most of the time, it is possible to fall back in love with someone that you have loved before unless the trust and respect has been destroyed.  This person is someone that you shared your dreams, goals and hopes with and you had a bond that made it easy to love them.   


Moving On


It is hard to move on after a breakup with your ex, especially when they have played such a big part in your life.  It is normal to fall back in love with them because they will still have a piece of your heart.  They will be part of you, and you are part of them.   


Staying in Love

The truth is, you don’t fall back in love with them, the love is still there, and it has never left.  If you were compatible together and complete together, if you have grown together then the love never completely goes away. 


Ending on Bad Terms


If your relationship was hard and ended on bad terms, falling back in love might not be the best idea.  Even though it is okay to love them, you broke up with them for a reason and you have to remember that reason and find out if it is worth letting your emotions get back into the mix of things.  Is the relationship fixable?  Was he lying or cheating to you and that is what caused the breakup?   


Creating a Space

Sometimes, it is easier to create a space from them so that you don’t take them back.  Everyone has something ahead of them and if you were with your ex and they mistreated you, do not allow them to be with you.  If you know they aren’t meant to be with you, avoid getting back together with them even for a little bit of time.  This is unhealthy and can be harmful for you. 




If you see that there is hope and love still in the relationship, then getting back to them is not a bad idea and you have to open up your heart and your emotions to them. 



If you feel that this was meant to be, do not fight it and at least give it a try.  You may have the happiness that you always wanted right there and maybe time or situation is all that got in the way of your happiness with your ex. 

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